10 Best laptops for freelancers

Generally it is difficult to answer which laptop we should buy or which laptop will be suitable for our work that can fulfill our all requirements. Especially if you are a businessman, a programmer, a freelancer ,a graphic designer ,a student or connected to a company you require the laptop that can fulfil all your requirements. You have to consider many factors while choosing a laptop. You have to consider size ,weight ,screen size ,battery time,processor,hard drive size,ram,memory etc. As your laptop is your companion for managing your daily work so you should choose the one which is exactly suitable for your taste and needs. So I am going to consider 10 best laptops which are suitable for the freelancers.


Memory is the most important factor of a computer especially for freelancers as it not only holds your important data but also increases or decreases the processing speed of your work. The speed of your work will increase if your laptop’s memory is good while it may decrease with the low or bad memory.

You should choose a laptop with the memory which is exactly suitable for your work because it is too difficult to upgrade the memory later. Different types of memory are used in laptops and you should choose the one which is best for you.

SDRAM(Single Data Rate Synchronous RAM) DDR SDRAM(Dual Data Rate Synchronous RAM) SODIMM(Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module) etc. As a Freelancer you should choose a laptop with good memory .

Screen Size

While choosing a good laptop a freelancer must consider the screen size too. Freelancers have to work with high quality graphics they need the screen with full HD resolution and comfortable screen size. We recommend a 13 inch screen with full HD resolution weight less than 2kg for Freelancers for any kind of work.

It is considered a comfortable screen size for freelancers. If someone wants to work with heavy graphics and he needs the screen with 16 to 17 inch he should choose a separate monitor for this work.

Still the laptops with 16 to 17 inch screen size are available for heavy graphics work.



 From Intel and AMD Some popular and handy processors for freelancers are listed here


  • AMD Ryzen 5,7 & 9
  • Intel i5 ,i7 & i9

Choosing a good processor is very important to increase the deficiency of work . It is difficult to choose the best one because intel and AMD have many generations and the working capacity of each is different.

But you need not to worry at all and should select the processor which has been launched within the last two years to make sure to quickly look on Wikipedia to know the exact names and release dates and in this way you can select the one which is best for you according to your budget.

Battery life

Second most important factor which you should consider while choosing a laptop is good battery life. It matters a lot to complete any task. Sometimes Freelancers should select the laptop with 6 to 8 hour battery time.

Battery timing of laptops remains good in the beginning but with passage of time it may decrease due to some reasons. Maybe you are not  considering  the good software. Windows 10 works good for increasing battery life. Your room temperature also matters a lot.

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